MOTM: May 2017

I know. All I ever post are playlist analyses. I’m working on other writing, I swear!

But that’s besides the point.

This month was definitely more artist oriented than theme oriented. Not only did Harry Styles release his album, as did Paramore, I began listening to a new artist, Frankie Cosmos, and became instantly obsessed. So, with that in mind, let’s dive into my Mixtape of the Month.

1. “Breathe”- Mandy Gonzalez

I started this month off with my normal obsession with musicals, specifically Lin-Manuel Miranda’s In the Heights. I am constantly enamored with Mandy Gonzalez’s voice, and this almost ballad is no different.

Favorite Lyric: When I was a child, I stayed wide awake, climbed to the highest place, on every fire escape, restless to climb. 

2. “Ever Since New York”- Harry Styles

Ever since (nudge, nudge) he debuted this song on Saturday Night Live, I have loved it. It has a folksy, pop vibe, and I am absolutely here for it. The harmonies in this song are easy to play around with, which is one of the reasons I was drawn to it vocally.

Favorite Lyric: I’ve been praying, I never did before, understand I’m talking to the walls. 

3. “Idle Worship”- Paramore

Another lovely album that came out this month, was Paramore’s After Laughter. And wow. It delivered. I love songs that have a happy, upbeat sound, but have almost uncomfortable lyrics. This song fulfills all the criteria. This song talks about how sometimes we put people up on these pedestals because we don’t see their flaws, and expect them to live up to what we always thought they were, and Hayley explains that it isn’t healthy to do that.

Favorite Lyric: Be sure to put your faith in something more, I’m just a girl and you’re not as alone as you feel 

4. “26”- Paramore

Ahhh yes. Another Paramore song. It’s just so good. Where “Idle Worship” was upbeat and pop-rock, “26” is a soft, acoustic-guitar driven song. I’ve been into a lot of “smaller” songs lately, meaning songs that don’t have belting bridges, and hard-core lyrics (not that I don’t love those as well), and this song is a great example of that. Another song that is easy to play around with the harmonies on, “26” gives you the feel of a quiet afternoon on a back porch when you hear it for the first time.

Favorite Lyric: Reality will break your heart, survival will not be the hardest part. 

5. “Believer”- Imagine Dragons

This May, I watched Riverdale (available on Netflix!) in about two days, and wow. It’s amazing. It’s High School Musical meets Scooby Doo meets murder mystery. And it delivers. It is the most ridiculous show, but I love it so much, and this song is in the last episode, and intros into possibly my favorite scene in the whole show (no spoilers!). Aside from Riverdale, this song is so good for getting your adrenaline going, and the pounding drums and stand out vocals make you feel ready to be captain of the Riverdale Bulldogs.

Favorite Lyric: Hoping my feelings, they would drown, but they never did

6. “Woman”- Harry Styles

Our second Harry Styles song. This song had me shook the first time I listened to it. It’s suggestive, romantic, and tells the story of a jealous Styles. The driving piano and bass riff, give this song the deep backtrack to Harry’s rock vocals. Another song that is easy to harmonize with, “Woman” might be my second favorite on the album.

Favorite Lyric: I’m selfish, I know, But I don’t ever wanna see you with him 

7. “If You See My Boyfriend”- Donora

Another song from Riverdale! This one is an upbeat, break up, see-you-later tune, quite the opposite of “Believer.” I’m not exactly sure when this song was in the show, but it was on several Riverdale playlists, so I’m assuming it was. It has a 50’s doo-woppish sound, but the lyrics are quite the opposite of the conservative 50’s.

Favorite Lyric: If you see my boyfriend, tell him I left him for a guy who wants to hold my hand

8. “Too Dark”- Frankie Cosmos

Frankie. Cosmos. Wow. She’s quickly becoming one of my favorie artists. She’s an indie pop singer, and her lyrics are raw and easy to relate to. Strangely enough, my biology teacher introduced me to her, and I fell quickly into cosmic (ha ha, get it?) black hole of Frankie Cosmos. This song is me, turned into an indie pop bop. The quiet guitar and drums give the spotlight to Frankie’s unique voice and styles of song writing. It was hard to limit myself to only a couple of her songs, but this one is definitely one of my favorites.

Favorite Lyric: If your love was strong as my shame, I’d marry you and take your name 

9. “O Contest Winner”- Frankie Cosmos

This one of her songs from her 2015 EP, “Fit Me In,” and I had to fit it in somehow. This song focuses more on the keyboard, drums and dream-like sound that Frankie is also known for. Her haunting vocals on this track showcase how it feels to be disagreeable, without wanting to be.

Favorite Lyric: No need for a re-test, I know I’m a genius 

10.  “Only Angel”- Harry Styles

Our final Harry Styles song this month. It’s sad in a way, isn’t it? The beginning of this song lead you to believe it’s an ethereal, slow song, but then Harry hits you with the sneak attack guitar! This song is so 70’s rock, and I love it. It’s amazing, Harry’s vocals fit the song perfectly, with his cutting British pronunciation. His “Hazza” days are over.

Favorite Lyric: Open up your eyes, shut your mouth, and see that I’m still the only one who’s been in love with me. 


That’s all I got for ya, folks! I hope you enjoyed, and hopefully once school gets out, I will be able to write more than I have now.





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