Mixtape of the Month: April 2017

Hey friends! Sorry that this is a late one. In my defense I had two weekends of a musical, a one night play, as well as tech week for both of those this past April. However, now that I can finally breathe (and sleep), here are recommendations for the month of April.


To actually begin this month’s recommendation, I’m going to be completely honest and say that I really didn’t listen to a lot of music this month. However, one work of music I was not anticipating to enjoy as much as I did, was Kendrick Lamar’s latest album. I had heard a lot about it on social media, and I believe Lecrae tweeted something about it, so I decided to sit myself down and have a good ol’ fashioned binge listening session. While nearly the whole album is explicit, the themes and styles throughout the album are fascinating to dive into. If you’d like my honest analysis of the album as a whole, let me know.

  1. “Sign of the Times”- Harry Styles

Oooooooh, buddy. This is a good one. I love this song. I love the vocals, I love the lyrics, I love the background vocals, the guitars, the soft quiet piano in the beginning, the whole shebang. As a 1D fan, I really wanted to like Zayn’s music, when he went solo. However, I just couldn’t get behind it. And Niall’s solo music is also pretty good, but Harry’s music is just so raw and you can tell he’s coming from a place of hurt in this song, and the way he performs it live. I highly recommend watching his performance on the Graham Norton Show on youtube. It is phenomenal.

Favorite Lyric: Just stop your crying, have the time of your life. 

2. “That’s My Girl”- Fifth Harmony

Trust me, I am not a Fifth Harmony fan by a long shot. They’re fine, but I don’t love them. But this song just gets me pumped to love my friends and support other girls, and I am one-hundred percent here for that. It’s just got a solid beat which is good for working.

Favorite Lyric: Get mad independent and don’t you ever forget it. 

3. “Thumbs”- Sabrina Carpenter

Okay, I know. Another pop song, by another Disney channel influenced artist, but hear me out! The chorus honestly, I’m not a huge fan of, but I love the verses, and how you actually have to pay attention to the words she’s saying to understand the story she’s telling.

Favorite Lyric: Somewhere in the world you got a robber and a bank, and the bank robbed the people, so the people rob the bank 

4. “Revolutionary Love”- David Crowder Band

Again, this a throwback. Let’s be real though, Christian music in the 90’s to 00’s was just better! Anyway, this song also gets me pumped up to work, and just puts me in a good mood. I don’t know what else to say so here’s my favorite lyric!

Favorite Lyric: You’re a revolution, I want to be a revolutionary. 

5. “Hard Time”- Paramore

Okay, so Paramore has always been great, and since their last album they’ve been leaning towards a more funky pop vibe, and I have been enjoying it so much! It almost reminds of Twenty One Pilots, with the happy sound, but the real lyrics. This song is like a mixture of 70’s pop, with 80’s guitar.

Favorite Lyric: Hard times gonna take you down and laugh when you cry. 

6. “O Praise Him (All This for a King)- David Crowder Band

Again, with the old Christian music, I know. David Crowder Band was so good back in the day. And this song I remember singing at church when I was about 10 or 11. This another song that just takes me back and makes me wanna sing.

Favorite Lyric: How infinite and sweet, this love so rescuing. 

7. “Our God is Love”- Hillsong Worship

It was only a matter of time before a Hillsong song made it here. However, not only am I singing this for church in a few weeks, I also love this song. All of my songs this month have a very uplifting sound (with the exception of Mr. Styles in the beginning), and this just continues that theme.

Favorite Lyric: Every distant and broken heart, every prayer every outstretched arm, finding hope in the love of the Father

8. “LOVE”- Kendrick Lamar feat. Zacari

Okay, I know it says explicit but it’s not I promise! Look up the lyrics! Anyways, like I said in the beginning, his whole album is fascinating to me, besides having a good sound. This song is one of the three that features another artist besides Kendrick. This song openly talks about how Kendrick is during a relationship, and what he wants. Him and his wife were high school sweethearts, and this song I think displays their relationship well, however it feels more as if it was in the beginning of a relationship, versus the mature relationship.

Favorite Lyric: Keep it a hundred, I’d rather you trust me than to love me. 

9. “Jump”- Van Halen

Alright, so I only had eight songs, and I just needed to complete it, so here’s my 9th song! The one act play I was in took place in the 80’s, and to get into character I would listen to a lot of 80’s songs, and this was one of them.

Favorite Lyric: You’ve got to roll with the punches to get what’s real 

10. “Hearts Don’t Break Around Here” – Ed Sheeran.

This is the other place filler of the month. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ed Sheeran, just like I love this song, but I just didn’t listen to a lot of him this past month.

Favorite Lyric: She is the flint that sparks the lighter, and the fuel that will hold the flame. 


Again, sorry about this very late post! Now that my schedule isn’t so crazy and summer break is coming up, I should have time to update more!

– Julie




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