Hey Pals!

Hey pals!

My name is Julie. I am a Christian, feminist, big sister to three, actress, Potterhead, and an unofficial camp counselor in training.

I have tried two blogs before this, and I got really lazy with them.

But hopefully (fingers crossed!) I will get better with this one!

I’m not going to try and set some strict schedule so that I feel bad about not writing, so this is going to be on a bit of a sporadic uploading schedule.

I don’t really enjoy formal writing, so most posts will probably be ‘listicles’ so to speak.

I chose the name “Coffee ‘n’ Creativity” because a) coffee “AND” creativity was already taken, and B) I didn’t want to focus on one aspect of my personality. Theatre, feminism, and writing are all encompassed in the word “creativity.” Not to mention, I can basically write whatever I want to with this name. The coffee part of name comes from, you guessed it, coffee. I must drink my coffee in the morning or I will be a hot mess the rest of the day.

If you enjoy my craziness, give me a follow on any of my social media outlets, OR leave me a comment on what you would like to see more of!

Can’t think of a sign off yet,